Pastoral heart of Scotland

Taymouth Castle stands as a majestic and storied architectural masterpiece, embodying timeless grandeur amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the Scottish countryside.

Taymouth Castle embodies the grand essence of Scottish heritage, and Discovery is working in collaboration with respected historians to ensure we are managing this architectural treasure with care. The newly reimagined castle will epitomise refinement, intertwining the hallmark of a Discovery club – complete with an array of five-star amenities, unparalleled programs, and impeccable services.

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Discovery Land Company

Discovery Land Company is a US-based real estate developer and operator of residential club communities and resorts with a world-renowned portfolio of domestic and international properties. Every community features unparalleled amenities and inspired experiences that cater to a family-oriented lifestyle. Discovery’s distinguishing hallmark is a unique approach to each location that respectfully integrates the natural and cultural characteristics of the land that surrounds it.

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